Our Vision

Offering Life-Changing Connections to Jesus, Community and Purpose. 

 to Jesus: you connect with Jesus and everything changes so we want to give you every opportunity we can to investigate Him, come to know Him and then sustain and grow a relationship with the Father through what His Son has done for you.

to community: we understand that people want more than a “friendly” church, they want friends and we want to help you find friends of faith with whom you can begin to share your life as well as your journey with God.

to purpose: God wants to use you…in big ways!  That’s fun, gratifying and thrilling.  God already has the answer to the question you may have asked: what’s the purpose of my life?

These connections are life-changing and when they get made people come to know God’s unconditional love, belonging as well as deep meaning in their lives.  How can we help you connect?