Eric Taylor, Rector

Eric leads the team of very capable men and women who love Jesus and want to see their lives count for the Kingdom of God.  Energized by Eric’s direction, the St. Philip’s staff works hard to equip God’s people, model a way of service, and raise up Kingdom leaders.

The Taylor’s over two decade journey at St. Philip’s began when God called Eric back to his native Pittsburgh from ministry in Connecticut.  Over those many years, St. Philip’s has witnessed many changes, some easy, some not, but by God’s grace St. Philip’s has thrived.  Throughout, it has remained very clear to Eric and his family that this is where they were supposed to be, this is where God wants him to lead and serve.

For Eric, real spiritual combustion comes from seeing others meet Jesus.  For him, the only thing that compares is watching people step into leadership and seeing God use their lives as they invest in others and reach over the walls to outsiders.  It’s a true joy when he gets to join with friends and leaders to share the good news of Jesus.  He loves the people and ministry of St. Philip’s.

He also loves all things Pittsburgh – the sports, the people, the history, and the food.  He enjoys time with family, and loves to hang out with his two grown sons as much as possible.

He shares a love/hate relationship with golf.

Tracey Corso, Associate Rector

Tracey does whatever is needed at St. Philip’s, from helping with services, preaching, teaching Bible studies, helping the Prayer Team, running a homeless ministry (Light Your World), pastoral care, and helping to form a Women’s Ministry.

Tracey has grown up at St. Philip’s and been worshiping here all of her life.   She was baptized as an infant on the old St. Philip’s property, when there was no church.  Worship took place in the mansion on the property until the church could be built.

Her hope is that she will seek the Lord in all things, that she would have eyes to see what He is putting in front of her, that she would have ears to hear what His will is for her and her role at St. Philip’s. Her great hope for St. Philip’s is that it is a church of prayer and compassion, a church who thrives on the Word of God and is led by the Holy Spirit and who is a light to the world.

Tracey is also a dentist. She has a private practice in Moon Township on Beaver Grade Rd.  Her mother is also a staple at St. Philip’s and runs our homeless ministry alongside of Tracey.  She is married to a wonderful man named Tim, who is very patient with whatever crazy ideas God plants in her head— starting a homeless ministry, going to Seminary at a not so young age (with no intention of getting ordained), deciding that God has indeed called her to be ordained (He tells us what we can handle when the time is right), and coming on staff at St. Philip’s.  Her life is a little crazy, but fortunately she is slightly OCD, which helps know when to show up where.

Steve Palmer, Assistant Rector


Steve provides leadership in teaching, preaching, small group formation, and other roles at St. Philip’s. Before coming to St. Philip’s, he pastored for eight years at St. Stephen’s Church in Sewickley and has also served as an adjunct professor at Trinity School for Ministry, a board member of the Pittsburgh Fellows program, and a co-founder of St. Stephen’s Classical Academy. Presently he is pursuing his PhD in theology from the University of Aberdeen.

Steve and his wife, Kamala, have four kids and a Bernese mountain dog. The Palmers’ house is full of Nerf gun battles, piano lessons, Kamala’s excellent cooking, and family dance parties. When not doing ministry, Steve is often running on beautiful trails throughout Allegheny County.

“Kamala and I are grateful for our warm reception at St. Philip’s and excited to serve with such capable staff and lay leaders. The church has a long history and a bright future in helping people connect with God. Our prayer is that in Moon and all the surrounding communities, people would open their hearts to God and find that He brings deeper fulfillment and better hope than anything else can.”

Jade Lundgren, Director of Worship Arts and Spiritual Formation


Jade is the Director of Worship and Spiritual Formation at St. Philip’s. She oversees the music ministry, and is passionate about all things worship, songwriting, spiritual formation, and tacos.

As a teenager, Jade’s parents first started attending St. Philip’s when we met at the old building. Her biggest fan, aka her Dad, loved nothing more than to hear his daughter sing, so she had no choice but to start singing on the worship team as a teen. It truly did begin a passion for Jade, as she continued to lead worship throughout the years and has pursued ministry, music and songwriting as part-career/part-expensive-passion. After working towards her B.A. in Christian Education and an M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry from Wheaton College, Jade worked as a Youth Pastor, released two independent music albums, helped to start a songwriting camp for teens called The Emerging Sound, and has lead worship for various ministries and churches. She sensed a clear call from God to come on board at St. Philip’s, is excited to help lead people closer to Jesus.

While Jade’s favorite worship music includes Bethel Music or Shane and Shane, you might also find her jamming to hip-hop music, dancing in the kitchen with her husband Dane and their three daughters, Lucia, Pearl, and Anna. Invite her to join you for guacamole and tacos, and as long as they’re gluten-free, she’ll probably say yes.


Laura Brinkley, Director of Operations

Laura serves as the church’s Director of Operations.  She is the go-to person for all the tasks that make St. Philip’s a functioning congregation.  From calendars to event coordination, she is dedicated to making sure that the church operates smoothly.  She knows more than a little about almost everything happening at St. Philip’s.

Before joining the staff, she worked in the insurance and financial services industry.  Coming to St. Philip’s in 1999, she quickly felt the pull of God toward full-time service in the church.  Not too many years later, the opportunity to work in administration opened up, and she has been faithfully serving since.

Laura is passionate about prayer, and her caring spirit is evident in all she does for the people of St. Philip’s. Her position is a true opportunity to serve, and she understands that her work supports the ministry of the church, which she loves.  Her hope and prayer is to use this position in a ministry role to further God’s kingdom.

Married to her best friend Stuart, Laura is the proud mother of three children.  If you ask, she’ll be quick to mention that her family continues to grow!

Give her a call, and she will diligently approach the Father and pray on your behalf!

Kory Grant, Student Ministries

What do you get when you mix a love for the Ninja Turtles, a passion for pursuing the Kingdom of God, and a tenacity for ping pong? Apparently a youth pastor. Kory was always told by his mother that he is a “jack of all trades, master of none” and that is a really cool thing when it comes to hanging out with students. He enjoys sports, music, entertainment, Star Wars, and pizza. And oddly enough so do a lot of students. Kory grew up in Moon, and St. Philip’s was his family’s home church. He was mentored here, and came to own his faith here. It is crazy how things work out.

Kory graduated from Point Park Conservatory with a degree in Theatre with a concentration in Music and spent three years pursuing acting in NYC. Don’t judge when you see him wearing a Yankees ball cap. During that time He was working back in Pittsburgh with the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation doing program work for Surf City and Laurelville, large outreach retreats. In 2012 Kory was at Laurelville and felt the Holy Spirit speak to him in the strongest, most profound voice he had heard up to that point. He was supposed to stay in Pittsburgh and work full time in youth ministry, even though he had plans to head back to NYC. What looked like one of the harder decisions of his life, a decision that meant laying down what he thought his life was going to look like, has been one of the greatest blessings he has ever received.

Kory wants to see the Kingdom of Heaven break out and grow in an incredible and huge way here in Pittsburgh. He has a burning passion to see students impact their culture for Christ. He wants to be an instrument for God, a mouthpiece that speaks His truths and shares His love and grace. He wants to lead people to the cross and watch their lives change as Jesus Christ calls them into new life. He wants to empower students in a way that they understand the strength that the Holy Spirit ignites in them, and that they can change the world.

Casey Freed, Children’s Ministry Director


Casey is the Children’s Ministry Director at St. Philip’s.  She credits her faith journey to Kidz Kamp.  For the last few years it has been important for her to serve St. Philip’s Youth Ministry programs in order to make a similar impact for the next generation.  Her hope is to be able to create an environment for children to not only hear the Word of the Lord on a weekly basis but to have fun and feel safe in the process.  

Casey has a  membership to a rock climbing facility and likes to spend her free time practicing in the gym.  One day she will climb a real mountain.  You will also find Casey teaching dance to children at Carol Leone Dance, Gymnastics and Child Care.



Megan Hatton, Preschool

Megan is the Preschool Director and a teacher for St Philips Preschool.

She graduated from University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor of science in Child Development. For 5 years she worked as a behavioral therapist/TSS for young children with autism all over the Pittsburgh area.  Once her 2nd child was born she left her job to be a stay at home mom for the next 8 years. Before working at St Philips Preschool she was a preschool parent. Megan joined the St Philips MOPS group when she moved to Moon in 2011. From many recommendations, she and her husband knew they wanted their youngest daughter to attend the preschool.  Their daughter went through the 3’s and 4’s class, and they loved everything about the school! Once all of her children were off to school all day, she decided to get back into the early childhood education field.  She inquired about a job with St Philips Preschool and has enjoyed working as a preschool teacher since. 2018 is her 5th year at the preschool and her first year as Preschool Director, while still teaching the 3’s. She truly loves her job and loves to see how God moves daily in the lives of preschoolers and their families.

Her prayer for the preschool is that she and her staff can show Jesus’s love to every child and their family by simply loving them, serving them, and planting the seed of faith in their little ones that will stay with them well beyond the preschool years.

Megan was born and raised in Pittsburgh and has lived in Moon Township with her husband, Geoff, 3 children and dog.  She is  a “hockey, soccer and cross country” mom, as she spends a lot of time driving to and watching all sports that her children participate in. Megan says, “I’m not very athletic at all, but I enjoy watching my kids do what they love most. Besides sports, I love spending time with family, gardening and traveling to different places!”