Other Ways to Serve

There are many opportunities for you to serve at St. Philip’s.  We realize you might not have the time or capacity to serve ministries like Kidz Stuff, students, or worship, but there are plenty of ways in which you can help in and around St. Philip’s.  Take a look at the list below to find a team you can help serve!

Administration and Communication Team
This team helps the church staff with responsibilities like answering phones, making photocopies, folding the worship folder, assisting with mailings, and communications.  We are looking for people during the weekdays for any time!  Contact:  Laura Brinkley 412.264.0169


Altar Guild
Altar Guild prepares the Table for communion services and is responsible for the care of communion vessels and linens. Contact:  Peggy Grace 724.203.0496



Buildings and Grounds
If you are handy around the house or enjoy working outdoors, then the buildings and grounds team is a great place for you.  We do things like cut grass, paint, install lights, carpentry work, and other important duties around the church.  We normally meet on Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to work on various projects.  Contact:  Bill Aldridge at 412.264.2808 or Dick Grace 724.203.0496

Many Opportunities 1


Coffee Bar
Brewing coffee helps to create a warm atmosphere where people have an excuse to drink a cup of coffee and chat with other folks before or after the service.  Contact: Peggy Bell 412-480-4113 or Kathy Downing 412-596-1488


Front Door Greeters
The Front Door team welcomes people to St. Philip’s by opening the front doors and answering any questions which they may have.  Contact:  Tracey Corso 412.491.3732

Layreaders serve by reading God’s Word during the worship service. They also assist in passing out communion.  Contact:  Tracey Corso 412.491.3732

Ministry/Prayer Team
The prayer team is available during the worship service to pray with people who would like to receive prayer.  Contact:  Laura Brinkley 412.264.0169

The ushers welcome people into the sanctuary, distribute the worship folder, and seat people during services, if needed. They are responsible for collecting the offering and directing people to the rail for communion.  Contact:  Tracey Corso at 412.491.3732