Reinig Family

“Back to our hometown. Connecting through Preschool and MOPS.

After living in Florida for 7 years, we decided to move back to our hometown of Pittsburgh to start a family. When our youngest son was three, we enrolled him in St. Philip’s preschool because we heard so many great things about it. We were members at another church and had no intention of leaving. But then I became a member of MOPS and started to make connections at St. Philip’s. There was something different about it. Over time, we became members of St. Philip’s and had two more children. We have made strong connections with others who have become our church family. These connections will last a lifetime. Most importantly, we met Jesus here, and our children know Jesus because of this wonderful place.”


Michelle photoMichelle

“We lost our youngest son late in my pregnancy.

After attending St. Philip’s with my family for two years and not taking much time to get to know other members of the church, we lost out youngest son very late in my pregancny. The response from this church community was astounding. Eric, the pastor, spent time with us at the hospital and baptized our son after I gave birth. We held a funeral service at St. Philip’s and members of the church attended a funeral for a child they never met. Families brought us dinner every night for four weeks. People sent greeting cards of sympathy and support. Most of these people I had never officially met and with some I couldn’t place a face with the name. members of the church reached out to us and provided what we needed, even when I didn’t now what to ask for. St. Philip’s has now become MY church. I want to be part of God’s work and part of this church for as long as He will allow me so that I can impact others the way this church and its congregation have impacted me and my relationship with Jesus.”


“12 years and counting, and now I get it.

I’ve been coming to St. Philip’s regularly for about 12 years with my family, though it has only been within the past few years that I have begun to make significant progress in my relationship with Jesus. St. Philip’s let me walk at my own pace. About three years ago, I thought, “I’m not doing enough”, and then I realized everything was there at St. Philip’s to allow me to do more. Now several St. Philip’s Men’s weekends, a small group and Bible study later, I’m enjoying some real purpose in my life. Overall, with God’s help, I know that I have changed for the better, and I like it. I’m looking forward to continuing on this path with St. Philip’s as my home base and getting to the point where I can truly help others to know God’s promises and truths.”



Kim photoKim

“Some Churches show up at Laurelville youth ministry weekend in a car. St. Philip’s had to charter a bus!

Sharing the gospel with students has been a passion of St. Philip’s for many many years through Kidz Church, Kidz Kamp and student ministry. This is my second time to serve as a leader for middle schoolers, and I have worked as a Kidz Kamp coach serving 5th/6th graders for 5 years. It is such a great blessing to witness the passion and devotion that influence thee life changing St. Philip’s youth programs. These investments into the lives of our youth would not be possible without the prayers and financial support of St. Philip’s and donors like you. Thank you for changing a life!”




“I could so clearly see God shaping me for this.

I remember as a kid, 5 or 6 years old, coming to St. Philip’s. My family has moved to Pittsburgh from Syracuse, and we had left a strong community back in New York. As I grew up I remember so much time spent engaged in different ministries that were happening at St. Philip’s. I remember going to the first couple of Kid Kamps. I remember watching my parent help start the youth group, and having it right in our home. I remember the love people showed one another and the commitment to God. When I looked back on my life’s path, I could so clearly see God shaping me for this. We do not get that kind of clarity that often and I thank God for that glimpse. I stayed in contact with Pastor Eric over those years and eventually we had the conversation about coming on board at St. Philip’s. God is so faithful. A journey that started as a kid has come full circle. I honestly cannot wait to see what God has for me next.”


EEric photorik

“Flying is fun and uplifting and so is the Men’s weekend at St. Philip’s!

The Men’s Weekend is an opportunity outside of weekly worship to meet and build personal relationships with other Christian men. I discovered that we have men in our own community with many talents and unique gifts. Whether it be through their listening, kind words, music, preaching, skits or culinary skills these men bless one another through their sharing. It’s a powerful time spent connecting with the men of St. Philip’s, both young and old. I was able to form relationships with many who are now good friends.”